With a three generation practice and experience “CMF srl” carry out metal furniture and product design.

Typically artisan realizations made with modern industrial processes together with a company remarkable know-how enable design collaborations that allow to develop metallic constructions, stairs, high quality fixtures and fittings, furniture for both interiors and exteriors.

We propose you our creativity. We know that every problem is different and we will help you to find the solution.We offer our service both in Italy and abroad, starting from the project assistance, production process taking care about even the smallest detail, to finish with installation and client satisfaction.

As we do not propose you pre-manufactured products, we try to do everything to create the most effective solution for each architectural challenge. 

Working with a range of different materials we are able to integrally realize all the ideas. An unique approach to every project in terms of design, special materials and innovation diversifies us from others.

We support our clients during all the stages of project realization. The correct interpretation of the designer’s idea and a special care of every detail allows us to integrally carry out complex projects.

Staircases, shops and private apartments has been constructed on a special individual request of our clients. The

feasibility of every project is always verified by an examination of the true condition of every environment.

Success is achieved by pursuing different solutions so that consumer’s needs, designer’s creativity and the skills of our

team of professionals are ingeniously brought together.

During past years we have acquired skills and competencies that place us among the leaders in our field.

All the projects characterise a high level of personalization due to the full and complex internal production process.

some historical photos of our company: